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Which Plasma Pen is Right for You

• Electric Arc Pens:

These pens may cause scarring due to their unregulated electric spark, leading to an electrical current that can penetrate the dermis. They create dark brown dots and may cause bleeding. While they provide some treatment, the risk of scarring is high. We don't carry these pens due to their limitations. People may see skin tightening after the procedure this is due to the collagen reproduction response, due to skin injury, not sublimation. This category of pens cannot sublimate skin since no plasma is produced by the pen. Most of these pens can be purchased on amazon. Any practioner offering treatment with an electric arc pen we highly suggest you do your own research on electric "mole" pens. People have had permanent scaring by this category of pen. Please see photos of upper eyelid scarring and sited article.

• Plasma Arc Pens:  

Pens like Plamere and Plamon are popular among practitioners. They feature an electric spark turning into a plasma arc, resulting in brown/red dots. Recommended for Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3, these pens can be mildly painful and cause a burning sensation. However, they offer skin tightening through sublimation and collagen response. Still, they lack the direct plasma impact found in Plasma Generator Pens.


• Plasma Generator Pens:

Our specialty lies in Plasma Generator Pens, including the Plagen and Plaxpot Pen. Spa-grade and suitable for all skin tones (Fitzpatrick skin numbers), they eliminate the risk of post-hyperpigmentation inflammation as they only produce direct purple plasma without any electric spark. Apart from sublimation tightening the skin and inducing collagen response, these pens can effectively treat spider veins, capillaries, and even remove small surface area tattoos.


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