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TJ Tutorials

Why We Love TJ

We saw TJ's content and immediately felt we struck gold. TJ is a rare gem; he understands facial aesthetics and the science behind the devices he promotes. His channel is a one stop shop for education, laughter, wit and beauty. TJ is constantly educating himself with continuing education classes and professional programs. TJ looks for products for any budget; he wants his followers to have the best devices at the lowest prices. He takes humanity projects seriously and dedicates his time to causes that are close to his heart. TJ is mindful of his followers, their budget and their needs. If you haven't seen any of TJ's content we suggest you follow him on all platforms above. You can thank us later.

TJ's Groups and Social Media

TJ's Plasma Perfecting Content

‣Plasma Pen

‣Radio Frequency Microneedle

・Cold Plasma


・EMS Body Suit

Coming Soon

TJ's Codes


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