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Similar Tixel Technology

How long can Tixel® Similar Technology treatment show results? A: After one month of Tixel® Similar Technology treatment, it gradually shows the effect of collagen regeneration, and pores and blackheads will also be significantly improved; After 2 times of treatment, the skin improvement is more obvious, which can reduce 30-50% of pockmarks and sunken scars. After 2-4 times of treatment, shallow pockmarks can basically be completely filled.

Q: What is the difference between Tixel® Similar Technology and laser? A: Different from laser, Tixel® Similar Technology is not an optical device and does not require high-power current, scanner or water pump. It doesn't emit light, so it doesn't hurt the eyes; In addition, the Tixel will not produce smoke and particles during the exfoliative treatment, so there is no need to use a smoke exhauster or a dust mask. Since it can make the tissue coagulate well, it will not bleed during the treatment process, less pain and injury, and safer.

Q: What are the main effects of Tixel® Similar Technology?

Main effects include: 1. Skin regeneration; 2. Filling scars, acne and sunken scars; 3. Firming and rejuvenating skin, and improving pore coarseness; 4. Smoothing deep and obvious wrinkles and fine lines; 5. Repairing pregnant lines and orange skin tissue; 6. Removing surface blemishes; 7. Reducing pigmented scars.

Q: Will there be any pain during the treatment with Tixel® Similar Technology?A: Because the heat must achieve a real thermal effect on the dermal fiber layer to ensure the therapeutic effect, there is still a slight thermal pain, which is normal phenomenon and most people can bear. Individual beauty seekers can't bear when they are sensitive to pain. Surface anesthesia can be applied to minimize the pain of beauty seekers.


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