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Plasma Perfecting
The Beauty Device Specialist

True Plasma Fibroblasting Pens

More functions, more convenience, less pain, and increased effectiveness with the best energy control system.


Our esteemed collection of Plasma Generator Pens - crafted to meet medical-grade standards and unlock the full potential of skincare possibilities. With their exclusive direct plasma technology, these pens ensure safe application on all Fitzpatrick skin numbers, making them a reliable choice for clients of diverse skin tones, free from any risk of post-hyperpigmentation inflammation. Harnessing the benefits of sublimation and collagen response, our pens offer exceptional skin tightening results, while also excelling at sublimating spider veins, capillaries, and even assisting in tattoo removal. Discover the transformative capabilities of our Plasma Generator Pens and embark on a journey to reveal your true radiance.

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Cutting-edge beauty devices for tightening, rejuvenation, and skin health


Our exceptional collection of cutting-edge beauty devices, meticulously chosen to combat aging and promote effective fat loss. Experience the wonders of skin tightening, rejuvenation, and improved skin health, alongside targeted fat reduction capabilities. Discover the true potential of anti-aging and fat loss with our carefully curated beauty devices, designed to reveal a youthful, radiant, and confident you!

Plasma Arc Fibroblasting Pens

Tailored for estheticians and nurses.  Giving you the power and precision for exceptional results.


Our exclusive selection of Plasma Arc Pens, tailored for practitioners like estheticians and nurses, featuring renowned brands such as Plamere and Plamon pen. Operating with an electric spark, these pens transform into a distinctive purple plasma arc, leaving brown/red dots during treatment. While highly effective, we recommend these pens for individuals with Fitzpatrick numbers from 1 to 3, as the heat generated by the electric spark may induce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in higher Fitzpatrick skin types. Please note that the treatment can be mildly uncomfortable, with a sensation of burning often experienced. Choose the power and precision of our Plasma Arc Pens for exceptional results in your skincare journey!

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Plasma Perfecting Academy

All pens come with the basic Fibroblasting course and certification is available to qualified candidates

Plasma Perfecting featured on Gorgeously Aging and TJ Tutorials 

Plasma Perfecting has blown me away with high-spec beauty tools and their outstanding customer services. Speedy and secure shipping is a standout feature with orders consistently arriving on time and in perfect condition. Additionally, the flexible payment plans have been a game-changer, making it convenient for me to invest in high-quality products without straining my finances.


I cannot praise their medispa devices enough. The results they deliver are simply remarkable, exceeding my expectations every time. Whether it's for facial treatments or body contouring, Plasma Perfecting's devices consistently provide outstanding performance. For pro-grade products, they have truly become my go-to supplier. Thank you so much!


TJ Tutorials - YouTube 

Plasma Perfecting Academy Reviews

I had the plasma perfecting treatment and. have had amazing results.  This is the best spent money ever.  Instructor was professional and listened to me about my concerns.  She is knowledgable about anatomy and the pen and knows exactly how to lift the areas to get me the results I want.  If you are on the fence, do it.  You will not regret it.

Plasma Perfecting Treatment is impeccable.  Incredible life-changing services offered and even further, mind-blowing results with skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Excellent, professional, and caring.  I had a treatment on my chin and neck with amazing results.  Healed quickly and I feel great!  I definitely recommend our instructor.  She was wonderful and knowledgable about the procedure.  I will absolutely be returning for other treatments in the future.

Instructor was amazing!  She is a true professional.  I have had a Plasma Perfecting Treatment done by her and then I was trained by her to become a certified Plasma Pen Provider.  From the moment I met her, I felt like we were best friends.  She is so warm and welcoming.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  I came to her with all kinds of questions and she patiently and sweetly answered each one.  She makes you feel so comfortable under her professional care and does beautiful work.  I would highly recommend her!

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