Plamon Plasma Fibroblasting Pen

Plamon Plasma Fibroblasting Pen



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- 1 Plamon Plasma Fibroblasting Pen

- 2 Collette (Adapter) for Electrodes

- 1 Charger

- 4 Probes  (Fractional, Permeating, Lifting, Acne Probes)

- 2 Copper Straight  Needles

- 10 Stainless Steel Needles

The best assistance for esthetic treatment by Plasma Technology.  Simple hand held Plasma Fibroblasting Pen that is ergonomic design for comfortable grip during operation. Plamere Plasma Fibroblasting Pen is designed for permanent makeup artist, cosmetologist, estheticians and medical professionals. Please check your state licensing and regulations.


Fibroblast Treatments


- Tightens lower eyelid and excess upper eyelid skin

- Reduces crows feet

- Reduces Smoker Lines and marionette lines

- Tightens loose skin on Neck (NECK LIFT)

- Reduces Nasal Labials lines

- Tightens Loose skin on the Jowls

- Improves the appearance of acne scars

- Removes Skin Tag

- Diminishes stretch marks and scars

- NO RETURNS ALLOWED, all sales final.

- 1 Year Manufacturer warranty

- Manufactured in South Korea

- FDA Registered, CE and KFDA certified




- Output frequency 40khz

- Output power control: Analog Volume of 1-9 steps

- Mode: continuous 500z Modulated pulse

- Various Functional tips:  Lifting ball Tip, Fractional tip, Permeating tip, acne tip with disposable plasma-film, LED indications: power, shot, low battery, charge status, Power supply: internal 3.7V 400mAh Llithium polymer rechargeable battery with micro USB CHARGER, WEIGHT

- 100G, DIMENSION: 165 x 38 x 23mm



-    Pacemaker

-    Active Infections of Any Kind, Such As Herpes Simplex

-    Active Cold or Flu

-    Recent Chemical Peel

-    Recent Chemotherapy 

-    Eczema or Dermatitis in the Treated Area

-    Keloid Scars

-    Prone to Hypopigmentation or Hyperpigmentation

-    Use of Accutane Within the Last Year

-    Blood disorders

-    Fitzpatrick Skin Number 4, 5 and 6

-    Detached Retina (cannot preform around eyes)

-    Any Auto Immune Disorders please check with doctor.

-    Pregnancy or Nursing

-    Any sun exposure without sunscreen for past 30 Days.

-    Please wait to perform treatment after continuous use of sunscreen on desired treatment area for 30 Days.

-    Following Treatment you will be required 30 Days of addition sunscreen use.



  • 85 page Fibroblasting manual

    15 page probe attachment manual

    20 different patterns

    Technique videos

    Procedure demonstration videos

    (Treatment on various face and body locations)

    Pre and Post directions to distribute to customers 

    Legal consent form for release of liability

    Certification can be given on case by case bases.  Individual must demonstrate fibroblasting knowledge with photo to qualify for Fibroblasting certificate.