EMS RF Mesotherapy No Needle Water Gun Machine

EMS RF Mesotherapy No Needle Water Gun Machine


EMS Microneedle RF Skin Beauty Machine No Needle Mesotherapy Gun Device

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Product description


The new Meso Therapy uses advanced processing technology to replenish nutrition to your skin through nanotechnology, and innovate the


This is different from the mesotherapy gun that uses needles. We use a head with multiple microchips to deliver nutrients and necessities. These nutrients and necessities can reach the subcutaneous layer under the high pressure of a handheld device.


Use the microcrystalline head to reach the epidermis of your skin, open the pores of the epidermal layer of the skin, and inject nutrients and active ingredients.


Therefore, it can repair aging skin and regenerate collagen, remove wrinkles and spots, improve skin complexion, and lift up the face.


The microcrystalline head with nanotechnology can make anti-aging products penetrate deep into the skin without damaging the skin, without side effects, and safe to use.


Material: ABS
Optional power plug: American plug
Voltage: 110-240V
Packing size: 40.5*33.5*22cm
Weight: 3.1kg


1X host
1X power cord
1X operation head
1X operation headstock